Reports suggest Nintendo Switch 2 could launch in March 2024

Nintendo’s next big console!

Word on the street is that we might just get a peek at the highly-anticipated Nintendo Switch 2 come March 2024. But before your expectations hit the sky, it's important to note that Nintendo, as of now, is playing it coy – it hasn’t spilled the beans on this rumoured console yet. Just like the Loch Ness Monster of gaming – everyone's talking about it, but nobody's actually seen it!

According to a report in Universo Nintendo by Necro Felipe, insiders are doubling down on the March 2024 reveal. Felipe also said (via Google Translate) that his sources are buzzing about it, and “multiple development companies/publishing partners of Nintendo are preparing to announce their projects, and that several retail stores are moving to prepare the start of pre-sales of the system.” Third-party projects could potentially be unveiled during the Partner Direct presentation.

As per report from Nate Drake, another industry insider for Nintendo news and updates, “Nintendo will announce the Switch 2 in March (2024). Everything I'm hearing dating back to Gamescom last year has indicated something was happening in March. That talk has resurfaced in the past few weeks, and it is indicating that the Switch 2 is set for a reveal or an announcement in March."

Nate also mentions that during Gamescom 2024, Nate caught wind of intel suggesting that something big was brewing for the Switch 2 come March. However, back then, he wasn't entirely convinced it would lead to an official reveal. Fast forward to now, and Nate's absolutely certain we'll be seeing the big unveil in March 2024.

Rumours also are swirling about a possible hardware collaboration between Nvidia and Nintendo for the next wave of Nintendo consoles. A Reuters report suggests that the upcoming iteration of the Switch console could pack a custom Nvidia chip under the hood. Insiders are hinting that the console will probably feature a bespoke Nvidia design, building upon the current partnership that has Nvidia's Tegra X1 chip powering the existing Switch model.

Nate had also dropped another hint last year, pointing that the rumoured Nintendo Switch 2 might come packed with NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 AI-powered Ray Reconstruction. This could mean a boost in ray tracing capabilities, potentially putting it neck and neck with heavy hitters like the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.