Samsung’s latest S95C and S90C OLED series TVs come with Neural Quantum Processor and Pantone validation

Pixels gone wild

Discerning pixel enthusiasts, Samsung’s latest OLED TV series S95C and S90C are made just for you. Samsung ensures that these tellies will take you through a visual wonderland, where colors pop with such vibrancy that they might just jump out of the screen and serenade you with a symphony of hues. Samsung’s new OLED TV series come with Neural Quantum Processor 4K that deliver deep blacks, clean whites and lively colours.

The Neural Quantum Processor possesses the power to upscale anything to 4K resolution, These televisions bear the validation of Pantone and are supposedly the world’s first OLED TVs to be validated by Pantone for delivering a wide range of colours. With the blessing of Pantone, you are promised the experience of 2,030 Pantone colors and 110 shades of skin tones.

Also the Samsung S95C and S90C televisions come with the intelligent EyeComfort Mode that adjusts the brightness level depending on the surrounding light. As for audio, all the tellies in the range are equipped with wireless Dolby Atmos and OTS+. And you can enjoy a concurrent sound experience with Q Symphony, which allows TV and Soundbar speakers to work in cohesion.

For those who love to spend their days and nights gaming, these Samsung TVs are equipped with the Motion Xcelerator Turbo Pro, plus the brand says it omits input lags and motion blur with up to 144Hz refresh rate. There are gaming features such as Game Bar, Mini Map Zoom, and Virtual Aim Point. There is also a built-in IoT Hub with Calm Onboarding feature and IoT-enabled sensors for light and sound so you can basically connect and control all surrounding smart devices with the help of your TV. Wondering about the price already? Well its starting price is ₹1,69,990.