Second-gen Amazon Echo Show 8 comes with proximity-based UI and a new language model to ramp up Alexa's response time

All things new and shiny

Amazon introduced an upgraded Echo Show 8, shining a spotlight on the device's fresh display, camera, microphone and spatial audio features. Thanks to Generative AI, the Echo Show 8 can now dynamically respond to your physical position, offering different displays based on your proximity to the screen. A new language model has ramped up the device's onboard Alexa response time by 40% compared to the previous model.

The Echo Show 8 has upped its game with a large language model that aims to make your interactions with Alexa feel more like a natural conversation. So you don't have to repeatedly use the wake word just to ask the device questions. The Echo Show 8 sports an improved, centred 13MP camera and new background noise-minimising tricks to make your video calls better.

In the keynote, Amazon showcased the dynamic user interface of the new display using a demonstration with the weather app. The Echo Show 8 adjusted its font size, enlarging it when the user was at a distance and transitioning to a more detailed view as they approached. This functionality actually bears a resemblance to the proximity features that Google incorporates into its Nest Hub devices.

The Echo Show 8's adaptive screen is set to roll out personalised content for users enrolled in visual ID. This means that as you approach the device, it will display tailored information such as recent playlists or pertinent news items. The proximity-based content feature is slated to debut on the second-generation Echo Show 8 and the new model next month. Furthermore, it's expected to extend to other Echo Show devices in the early part of next year. The price tag on this piece of tech is set at $150 (approx ₹12,470).

Amazon is also bringing us the Echo Show 8 Photos Edition which unlocks a photo-forward mode on Echo Show 8’s high-res screen. Imagine having your favourite personal photos take centre stage on the high-res screen, making every glance a stroll down memory lane. These photos will keep things fresh, changing every 30 seconds like your own private art gallery.

Amazon is generously throwing in 25 GB of storage via Amazon Photos. If you're a Prime Member, you're in for a real treat because you already enjoy free, unlimited high-res photo storage, and now you can use this bonus storage to back up your precious videos too.

The all-new Echo Show 8 Photos Edition is up for grabs at $159 (approx 13,300), and it comes with a six-month PhotosPlus subscription. After six months, it renews for just $1.99 (approx ₹165) a month, and you can choose in and out of this subscription whenever you please. Say cheese and strike a pose!