Sirona launches a Menstrual Health Tracker on WhatsApp

Little steps, big impact

If you recall, JioMart is now available on WhatsApp. Following in their footsteps, feminine hygiene brand Sirona is launching a Period Tracker on WhatsApp. This collaboration will bring an important feature to a platform we use constantly.

The Period tracker helps you track one of three goals - track periods, conceive, and avoid pregnancy. This will help you have a better understanding and allow you to plan your life around your cycle. The tracker runs an intuitive chatbot interface technology that makes the experience smooth and engaging for the user.

This is a very accessible and intelligent tool since many women in the country still don't feel comfortable talking openly about intimate hygiene and menstruation. It’s also a tool that will educate, validate and help women better understand their bodies. 

To avail of the tool simply WhatsApp “Hi” to the Sirona WhatsApp Business Account. Once the user enters basic details about their cycle, the chatbot will keep a record and share reminders and upcoming cycle dates as per request. This will also help inform you if your cycles are irregular and you need medical care. Best of all, this tool is accessible to all demographics regardless of your smartphone make, so the ones who really need it and use it, regardless of their situation. All you need is access to WhatsApp. So hey, even if this doesn't help you out directly, tell those around you about it.