SkullCandy Grind Haze takes design inspiration from weed!

A nudge and a wink

SkullCandy seems to have taken the buds in earbuds a little too seriously thus their latest Grind Haze. The wireless earbuds share an uncanny resemblance with the buds in a jar as they draw inspiration directly from the Indica-dominant Purple Haze strain of cannabis.

The 420-focused Grind Haze has a silver-green hue with a plush, fabric-like texture and some sweet purple accents along with sizzling orange highlights, just like the Purple Haze strain. And they come in a charging case with a smoked-grey translucent top. To make the earbuds a little more drool-worthy, the brand has made only 3000 of these limited-edition Grind earbuds.

As for specs, the earbuds are backed by Skullcandy’s voice-driven platform, the Skull-iQ. So with just a ‘Hey Skullcandy’ command, you can play or pause content, accept or reject calls, launch Spotify et cetera. Plus, it is IP55 sweat and water resistant, has 40 hours of battery backup and most importantly the earbuds will get all the over-the-air updates so you can expect fresh features as soon as they’re available. The Grind Haze comes at a price of $90 (around ₹7377).