Snapchat and Oppo’s collaboration brings new Lock Screen Shortcut and Snap Map Widget in colorOS 14!

Treat for snap enthusiasts!

Snap Inc and Oppo have teamed up to bring in two new features coming soon with the ColorOS 14 update. First off, you'll be able to hop right into the Snapchat camera from your lock screen, skipping the whole unlock-and-search routine. There's a Snapchat icon waiting for you at the bottom left of your lock screen.

Next, you can also jazz up Oppo's Shelf Card with a Snap Map widget. Pin down a friend's location and catch up on their latest Snaps and activities with a quick swipe-down from anywhere in the OS.

Wanna set these up? It's easy-peasy! To get the Lock Screen Shortcut, head to Settings, tap 'Lock Screen,' add shortcuts, and pick Snapchat to put it right on your lock screen. For the Snap Map Widget on Oppo’s Shelf Card, swipe down to access the Shelf, hit "Add Widget," and choose Snap Map for easy access to your friend's location.