Snapchat launches an AI-generated anime lens

Snap into it

Ever wondered what you’d look like as an anime character? Well, with the power of AI, little is left to the imagination these days. The "Anime" Lens filter on Snapchat uses generative AI to transform your photo into an anime character!

Just tap the "Tap the Screen" button and strike your best selfie pose. Let the Snapchat Camera do its thing, and in less than a minute, you'll witness an anime version of yourself, personalized to match your looks and surroundings. 

If you are worried you will look the same every time, no need to worry! This Lens is all about unpredictability, guaranteeing a new and unique transformation every single time you use it. Prepare to be astonished! You can share your anime self with friends through Snaps or transformation videos on Spotlight. 

Snapchat's AI game is getting pretty strong with every passing day and their Anime Lens will put it alongside the ranks of AI-powered apps like My AI. So, if you are Gen-Z enough to regularly use Snapchat and nerdy enough to love anime, just head to the Lens Carousel, search "Anime" in Lens Explorer.