Snapchat’s new features aimed at making the app safer for teen users

Snap’s playing the protective parent!

Snap is introducing new stuff to make sure 13 to 17-year-old Snapchatters have a safer time on the app. That means no weird friend suggestions and a smarter way to get rid of stuff that's not right for their age.

Snapchat is stepping up its protective game with the In-App Warnings feature. Now, if teenagers try to add someone new on the app, they'll need to have more friends in common with them. No more adding randoms! And if they're about to add someone without any mutual Snapchat friends or phone book contacts, a pop-up will give them a friendly reminder. Safety first! Also if someone outside a teen's contacts or without any mutual connections tries to add them, a pop-up will appear, urging them to think twice. It'll say something like, "Hey, do you really want to be pals with this person? Make sure you trust 'em!"

Snapchat is also going all Hulk on age-inappropriate content. It has introduced a new Strike System. When the app catches naughty accounts peddling stuff not fit for teens, it'll deliver a swift punch and knock that content out of the ring, well metaphorically. Technically, under this system, Snapchat will immediately remove inappropriate content that it proactively detects or that gets reported. And, if an account is repeatedly trying to circumvent rules, it will be banned.

Snap has also dropped a bunch of YouTube videos to clue you in on all these safety features. Plus, there's an updated website with the full scoop on how it’s keeping your teens safe and sound.