Sonic Lamb headphones are said to feature hybrid driver acoustics for beats you can feel

Get in on the action with some good ol' body-shakin' beats

Sonic Lamb has introduced their fresh pair of headphones and they are said to be cooked up with some cool tech – patented hybrid driver acoustics that mix air and body conduction.Now, what does that fancy talk mean for you? It's simple. As per Sonic Lab, these headphones don't just serve up tunes for your ears, they dish out vibes you can feel.

The Hybrid Driver Acoustics aren't just about bass-boosted beats, Sonic Lamb says it's also about high-fidelity audio. A subwoofer right in your headphones, but without the bulk — well we can only vouch for it once we get to lay our hands on it, you know what to do just wait for our review. Sonic Lamb also claims that they've got the tech that converts low-frequency audio to a corresponding mechanical impulse.

Right there on the headphones you’ll find the controls, they've got an interface with four modes you can tweak to fit your vibe: Hear, Feel, Immerse, and Beast. This means you can dial in the sound just the way you like it, whether you're jamming to music, catching up on podcasts, having a chat, watching a movie, or diving into some epic gaming action.

Inside, there are two microphones doing their thing. One's about picking up your voice, making sure your calls while the other mic is for hushing up any background noise, so you can chat without distractions. These headphones come with a detachable microphone boom, taking your voice quality up a notch.

They've got a digital audio interface that lets you do two things at once. Yep, you can charge 'em up with the USB cable they come with, and at the same time, you can hook 'em up to your laptop, PC, or smartphone for some wired audio action. Plus, you can rock 'em in Bluetooth mode. They also support multipoint connectivity. That means you can connect not just one but two different Bluetooth devices to these headphones at the same time. You can grab these headphones in three colours – Obsidian Black, Ember Gray, and Moonstone White, coming in for a price of ₹19,999.