Sonos Ace is the company’s first headphones

The wait is over!

The Ace was first announced in 2021 and is finally here! From the looks of it, the wait was worth it. Why do we say that? Wait till you read the features list… While Sony, Bose and Apple have been spearheading the ANC headphone market, Sonos is no stranger to the world of audio. The multi-room expertise has trickled down and the years of experience gone into developing the Ace clearly shows. The design is typically Sonos - minimalist and inconspicuous. The Ace is available in White and Black and comes with a healthy set of features that can leave the competition in cold sweat. The most interesting of said features is the TV Audio Swap that gives the Ace the ability to switch audio from your TV soundbar straight to the headphones for a seamless integration! The feature will work with all Sonos soundbars eventually but as of now it is only available with the Sonos Arc. 

Sonos has made it clear that the feature won’t work with any other Sonos products except the soundbars, which seems to be a bit of a bummer. The other feature we are looking forward to is the TrueCinema feature which optimizes the sound output according to the living space - sort of like how a modern-day AVR would. Other features include a 30 hour battery life with the ability to quick charge (3min charge gives a claimed 3 hour playtime). Yup, you read that right. The Sonos Ace features 40mm drivers and Bluetooth 5.4 onboard with support for aptX Lossless and Spatial Audio as well for you audiophiles out there. We’ve been told the headband has two different types of foams specially curated for an extra comfy listening experience. It’s speculated that the Sonos Ace’ price is set at $449 at launch, undercutting the Airpod Max and in the middle path of Bose and Sony.