Sony Bravia 2 Series LED TVs bring Google TV and gaming features to the masses

Braving the budget segment

Lets get this straight, there are two versions of TVs in the Bravia 2 series range. One that has the gaming chops with HDMI 2.1 and ALLM and the other without it. The K-50S20 (50inch) and the K-43S20 (43inch) are the ones without the gaming chops. While the K-65S25 (65 inch) and K-55S25 (55 inch) tellies have all the features in the range.

The Bravia 2 series is all about giving you options. The S25 model is a gamer's dream, with features like ALLM (Auto Low Latency Mode) for smoother gameplay and Auto HDR Tone Mapping for perfectly optimized visuals on your PS5. The S20 version focuses on all-around entertainment, with stunning picture quality powered by the X1 Picture Processor and Live Colour technology.

No matter which model you choose, you'll be getting a TV that's integrated with Google TV. This means you can ditch the endless app hopping – Google TV brings all your favourite content from different streaming services and live TV channels together in one place. Plus, voice control makes searching a breeze – just ask Google to find that action movie you've been eyeing.

The Bravia 2 series also has an open baffle-down firing twin speakers and Dolby Audio support. Sony didn't forget about durability either. The Bravia 2 series is built with X-Protection PRO technology, so you can rest assured your TV is protected from dust, humidity, and even lightning strikes. 

Prices start at ₹46,990 for the 43-inch K-43S20 model, ₹62,990 for the 50inch K-50S20, ₹74,990 for the 55inch K-55S25 and ₹95,990 for the 65 inch K-65S25