Sony Bravia 98BZ50L is a professional display for ₹20 lakhs

For some big-screen entertainment

Want to have your eyes dazzled? Meet the new Sony Bravia BZ50L, the 98in flagship 4K HDR professional display that comes with Sony XR processing and enhanced picture quality along with 780 nits of brightness. And, there are Pro Bravia features like a wider viewing angle and a pretty smart SoC.

This display comes with a common chassis design, which means you can easily choose the perfect brightness model without having to redesign your installation setup. Speaking of flexibility, the Bravia 98BZ50L allows for portrait and tilt mounting, giving you the freedom to set it up exactly how you want it. And there is increased internal storage of 32GB.

Also, Sony seems to acknowledge the importance of convenience so they've designed the Bravia 98BZ50L to be more portable and installation-friendly. They've added ergonomic handles at both the top and bottom of the display, making it easier to move and install this mammoth-sized beauty. And they also claim that the 98BZ50L is approximately 22% lighter and boasts a 28% slimmer bezel width compared to the Bravia BZ40J series.

The Sony Bravia BZ50L is available for ₹20,00,000, which may seem like a lot at first go, but if your company is pushing out 10-figure revenue then this is a drop in the ocean!