Sony InZone Buds are engineered with gamers in mind

Won't bail on your gaming squad

Sony InZone Buds are out and they mark Sony's entry into the gaming-focused InZone lineup of wireless earbuds. According to Sony, the InZone Buds are finely tuned for long-lasting battery performance, offering a claimed battery life of up to 12 hours, and provide audio with the least amount of latency.

Much like Sony's WF series of earbuds, the InZone Buds also come equipped with 360 spatial audio support. The InZone Buds also offer a Sound Tone Personalization feature. This works by playing test sounds from the driver units and using feedback microphones to measure how the sound fills your ear canal. Based on this acoustic analysis, the sound data is sent to the InZone Hub PC software, where you can further fine-tune and customise your spatial listening experience for pinpoint spatial sound accuracy.

The InZone Buds feature the same ‘Dynamic Driver X’ as the WF-1000X earbuds and are capable of pairing with a range of devices, including PS5, PCs, and mobile gadgets. These earbuds even come with a USB-C dongle that can connect them to a variety of devices while keeping the latency below 30 milliseconds. Moreover, the InZone Buds also support Bluetooth LE Audio, allowing pairing with your smartphone.

Sony says that the InZone Buds are tailored for comfort during those marathon gaming sessions. Their design ensures minimal pressure on your ears, even during extended wear. Plus, they come with  four sets of silicone ear tips, including an extra-small size. The Sony InZone earbuds are priced for ₹17,990.