Sony PlayStation Stars is a loyalty program just for gamers

Cash in those skills for all kinds of rewards…

Sony has just announced PlayStation Stars, a brand new loyalty program to celebrate your hard work and time over the 27 years of its existence (you read that right, you are officially old). The program will be free to join when it launches later this year. Once you are a member, completing a variety of campaigns and activities will earn you an array of rewards.

The several campaigns include the Monthly Check-In, a campaign that only requires you to play any game to receive a reward. Other campaigns require more success, like winning tournaments and battles to earn specific trophies or something like being the first player to complete a blockbuster title in your local timezone.

All PlayStation Stars members are given the opportunity to earn loyalty points. Like most rewards systems, the points can be redeemed through a catalogue that may include PSN wallet funds and select PlayStation Store products. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members enrolled in PlayStation Stars automatically earn points for purchases within the store.

There will also be a new type of reward called “digital collectables.” Collectables can be digital representations of things like figurines of beloved characters or cherished devices that tap into the company’s history. You can set your sights high and even aim for the ultra-rare collectable.

The program is currently in the early test stage and is set to launch later this year, so you have enough time to brush up your skills so that you can capitalize on them.