Sony Spatial Reality Display lets you experience 3D content without 3D glasses

For when the reality becomes too mundane

Sony’s brand-new ELF-SR2 is not your typical monitor and you don't need chunky 3D glasses or VR headsets to dive into 3D content with this baby. Sony's Spatial Reality Display is like a wizard that makes 3D stuff look so real that you'll (probably) swear you can touch it.

It's got a 27in screen with 4K resolution. We're talking 10-bit processing, 100% Adobe RGB colour gamut, and even a super-resolution engine that takes 2K content and turns it into 4K goodness. There is also a 15.6in size variant.

The display is a real champ when it comes to recognizing your face and tracking your peepers. It's got a wide viewing angle, fast sensors, and low latency to keep everything smooth and blur-free. Oh, and here's a neat trick: it lets you switch between viewers. Two folks can stand or sit in front of it and switch up the perfect viewing angle without changing spots. Convenience is a… reality!

Sony is also throwing in a 'Spatial Reality Display Player' app to let you play all sorts of 3D files. Plus, it's got a detachable stand and can even be mounted on your wall with VESA support.For software development kits (SDKs), it offers compatibility with Unity, OpenGL, DirectX 11, DirectX 12, and Unreal Engine. Keep an eye out, as support for OpenXR is on the horizon and expected later this year. Sony's ELF-SR2 Spatial Reality Display is priced at ₹7,00,000. This cost, however, does not include additional components such as technical support and software development fees.