STM Goods’ Apple iPhone 15 case is designed to calm your mind

For calm, not kaam

For folks locked up in the frenetic world of infinite door scrolls and chirping notifications, STM Goods is on a mission to redefine relaxation. Meet the brand's new Focus Collection - two profoundly chill iPhone 15 cases designed to calm your frazzled mind like a stock trader discovering meditation.

First up, the Relax variant channels beachy zen with its hypnotic flowing sand patterns - just give it a soothing swirl and feel the cortisol melting away. The Reveal case rewards your curiosity by unveiling hidden patterns with a gentle caress, uncovering a mindful oasis amidst the hashtag hurricanes. It also has heat-reactive overlays that reveal colours when touched by body heat. All of them are also MagSafe compatible so you can plonk your accessories and charger on it.

It’s also built like a mini-fortress with drop protection and a bumper to protect the display too. Priced from just ₹3,190, it's the cheapest therapy session you'll ever have or the most expensive cover. It’s available here on the Imagine store website.