Stuff India’s first-ever gaming cover with SuperGaming

It’s so special that it deserves a Taj!

While we’ve been covering technology and games for more than a decade and a half, there’s never been an opportunity for us to lather the cover of our monthly issue with a gaming character. So the June edition of the Stuff India magazine is special, in more ways than one. There’s a handsome-lookin’ fella on the cover called Sir-Taj who is going to be one of the first of many Mythwalkers that will be available to play when you land on the planet Indus. 

SuperGaming’s upcoming Battle Royale is also being cooked very close to your home — Pune, Maharashtra. So it seemed only natural for us to celebrate gaming in India with a super impressive game studio like SuperGaming. And to pull you on the fun as well, we’ve made special wallpapers for you to download and special giveaways on our social media channels. These wallpapers are made in collaboration with Stuff India and SuperGaming. So while we wait for the full game to be baked and served in our smartphones and other gaming devices, the wallpaper will hopefully signal the first entry of Sir-Taj on your smartphone!

You can download the wallpaper from here.