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20/23 Vision

A trip to Cupertino and a slew of exciting tests have allowed this issue to be quite a thrilling read (if we may say so ourselves.) Whether you are looking for games, workplace tech, or even travel tech, we have got you covered. Our cover story has everything you need to venture into the great outdoors with a selection of cool gadgets to choose from. 

This month we bring you extensive, hands-on reviews of the Xiaomi Pad 6, Lenovo Legion 5i, Samsung F54, Samsung G8 OLED, new MacBook Air 15in and a new conferencing system as well as a new smart cooking assistant. These remarkable devices are just a glimpse of what our July edition has to offer. But that's not all! We also have the E-tron, Samsung G9 Odyssey, Triumph, Insta360 Go 3, and Moto Razr, each with its own unique appeal and cutting-edge features and a quick peak into the best tech on offer.

Last but most enjoyable, we have all the thrilling deets and the feel of getting our hands on the Apple Vision Pro in the flesh. 

So it’s time to muster the energy and hit the newsstand because the July issue is out now. Or if you are too lazy to put your feet on the floor, there is also an option for the online subscription. You can even avail of special offers, and goodies or go read the digital edition courtesy of our friends at Magzter, but remember to keep reading, ‘coz magazines need your support more than ever now!