Stuffcool launches the ChargeCube 30

Your compact power solution

Have you ever been in a situation where you need exactly 3 AC Sockets, a Type-C and a Type-A port? Stuffcool has got you covered with the ChargeCube 30. The ChargeCube is meant to be a modern take on power strips. With type C and A ports, the device eliminates the need to use an AC Socket to charge your MacBook Air M1/M2, phones, or personal devices making it compact and less bulky for you space savers out there.

Equipped with a total output of 1500W, the ChargeCube accommodates various electronic devices effortlessly. The three AC sockets that are standard 6A sockets offer flexibility to power up your workstation or entertainment setup with ease however cannot power heavy electrical appliances like refrigerators and stuff.

The Type C and A ports provide a total output of 30W. The type C port individually provides a total output of 30W which basically means it is fast-charging friendly for devices that use that type of connector. The Type A port individually can provide 18W of QC3.0 power perfect for charging the devices compatible with that connector.

Measuring just 10cm tall and 11cm wide, the ChargeCube does fit within the bounds of your standard ruler. Its 1.5m cable replaces conventional extension cords, further optimizing your workspace. Safety remains paramount, as the ChargeCube boasts Surge Protector technology and adherence to BIS standards, ensuring your devices are shielded from power fluctuations.