SuperGaming adds support for Google's Project GameFace for Indus

Now play with your face

Imagine a gaming experience where you have the power to control your every move in a game with just your facial expressions. Well, SuperGaming has teamed up with Google to introduce Project Gameface which will literally make it possible for their upcoming Indo-Futuristic battle royale game, Indus.

With Project Gameface, you can navigate your mouse, fire shots, and even lead your entire gameplay solely using your facial expressions. It may sound unconventional but this innovation will ensure that no gamer is left behind, regardless of their cognitive, physical, or sensory abilities.

So you can play Indus without the need for additional controllers or equipment. Gameface, an open-source hands-free mouse, lets you control your computer's cursor using just your head movements and facial gestures. Raise those eyebrows to click and drag, or open your mouth to move the cursor. We can safely say it is a game-changer that makes gaming accessible to everyone!