SuperGaming’s Battle Stars is a hero shooter game inspired by the city of Mumbai


SuperGaming has launched its newest game dubbed ‘Battle Stars’, which is a hero shooter game developed in India. The game is now available for download on both iOS and Android devices, so you can play it anywhere and everywhere, even while sitting on your white-coloured throne…

With 14 unique heroes at launch, Battle Stars features intuitive controls and a striking art style. This game is not only for gamers, but it's also content creator-driven, which means that the community and YouTubers were involved in making it better. So, you can expect the gameplay to be more entertaining than watching your grandma knit.

The game has a Mumbai-inspired map, and you can explore famous landmarks of the city as you level up. Battle Stars also has playable heroes based on Mumbai culture, such as Patil, a heroic policeman. So, if you're a fan of Mumbai or want to become one, this game is perfect for you. The best part? More playable heroes will be announced in the coming weeks, so you can expect to be even more entertained.

You can download Battle Stars from the App Store or Google Play and get ready to experience the world of Indian gaming. Who knows, you might even find yourself fighting alongside Patil on the streets of Mumbai!