Supersonic ‘r’ is Dyson’s latest hair dryer

Drooling already?

Dyson's styling game is hotter than ever! We all know about the legendary 2016 Supersonic hair dryer – a true gem, a dream for every average Jane out there – truth be told. Now, Dyson is back at it again with the new Supersonic R or ‘r’ as Dyson calls it.

The Dyson Supersonic R, for now, is exclusive to the professionals, making its debut just in time for the glitz and glamour of New York, Paris, and Dallas Fashion Week. But, we've got a feeling it'll be hitting store shelves for the rest of us soon enough.

According to Dyson, this dryer is its lightest, smallest, and most precise hairdryer yet. The brand says its 30% smaller and 20% lighter than its predecessor, thanks to the miniaturised tech inside. And, the Dyson Hyperdymium motor, doing the heavy lifting.

Dyson says it has surveyed 696 stylists to get to the root of their hair-raising frustrations. And, did they spill the beans! From the physical strain of styling locks all day to the struggle of finding a hair dryer that doesn't crisp strands, they laid it all out on the table. So, that is how the Supersonic R came into existence.

This dryer has an 'r' curve design to fit snugly in your hand. And, it's extremely light-weighted too. Its streamlined flow heater ensures every strand gets the right amount of heat. Plus, with RFID-enabled attachments that adjust settings on the fly, you are expected to glide through your styling routine. Intrigued? Sign up with Dyson to stay in the loop on all the deets!