Tata Tiago EV is expected to be India’s most affordable electric car

Go green or go home

Many moons ago when the climate crisis wasn’t a thing, electric cars would only be considered a fad, but in the present scenario, we believe they are imperative. However, when it comes to switching to these green machines many of us take a step back thinking it would cost a fortune to buy a decent electric vehicle. 

Shunning this common perspective, Tata will soon unveil what would be the most affordable and India’s first electric hatchback, the Tiago EV. 

The car will get multi-mode regenerative braking which was first introduced in the Nexon EV Max. This feature allows users to recharge batteries while braking (which happens a lot more on our roads than driving). There will also be cruise control mode and a drive selector dial with sports mode.

Taking the brand’s word for it, Tiago EV will come with fast charging capability with a 26kWh lithium-ion battery that will offer a range of nearly 300 kms on a single charge.

Design-wise, the Tiago EV will be similar to its existing ICE-powered counterpart, except for a few modifications like blue accents on the interior resembling that of the Tigor and Nexon EV and an EV badge to distinguish it. 

A couple of other features promised by the brand via tweets include premium leatherette seats and silent drive.