The Google Pixel Feature Drop brings Night Sight and much more for older devices

Want a bit more to chew on though?

It's time to make merry for Pixel owners as the Google Pixel Feature Drop for march is here and guess what it has a lot of features for the old Pixel devices also.

Now, just like Pixel 7 series devices, Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro will have Night Sight for capturing low-light photos with speed and accuracy. As per Google, it is the result of a new algorithm that takes advantage of its own Tensor SoC. Similarly, Magic Eraser has also been made available for all Pixel devices, even the 4a so you can easily remove unwanted objects from your pictures (but not from your life). And you can also use the camouflage tool to blend objects in the image.

Direct My Call+ will also be now accessible on previous generations of Pixel devices, enabling you to smoothly navigate phone menus while dialling a toll-free number (this is still unavailable in India at the time of writing). Upon activation of this mode, the call menu options will be displayed automatically, presenting a clear visual representation of the options given, thus making it easy to make selections. This feature is particularly useful for those who prefer to avoid prolonged phone conversations while trying to reach out to a business or service.

With the new feature drop, the Health Connect app will also come pre-installed on Google Pixel devices, eliminating the need for you to manually download it from the Google Play Store. Furthermore, the introduction of the Fall Detection feature to Pixel Watch users has also been made.