The ILife A20 vaccum-mop robot is a step forward in cleaning tech for your home

Upto 4000pa of suction power makes it very effective at home cleaning

The ILife A20 vacuum-mop robot is the latest in mid-range home cleaning tech, offering the ability to autonomously vacuum and mop your home with a little help from a smartphone app and Internet connectivity. The new robotic cleaner is priced at Rs. 59,999 officially, but you can actually buy it for a lot less - around Rs. 25,000 right now on Amazon. For the price, you get the two-in-one capabilities of vacuum cleaning and wet mopping simultaneously, along with app-based controls and voice assistant support for Google Assistant and Alexa.

You also get 4000pa of suction power - fairly high for a robot vacuum cleaner in this price range - along with self-charging capabilities and LiDAR navigation for precision cleaning and fewer bumps. The app will also let you set up virtual walls, no-go zones, and cleaning schedules that make operating the ILife A20 even easier. 

While it isn't quite as powerful or capable as the T20s from ILife, the A20 is the one you're likely to go for thanks to its competitive price and capabilities. There's no self-cleaning dock feature here as is the case with some more expensive options, so you'll still have to ensure you keep the 0.3L dustbin and 0.2L water tank clean and topped up.