The latest Infinix ZeroBook 13th Gen comes with an Overboost Switch

Because who needs anything regular?

Infinix is back with their ZeroBook laptop line and this time, they seem to have pulled out all the stops by jamming in the latest 13th Gen Intel processors. So, whether you're a professional wanting to conquer the world or just a regular Joe looking to impress your friends, the Infinix ZeroBook 13th Gen (at least) deserves a glance, right?

The laptop sports a sleek design and light metal body with a 16.9mm thickness. There is a  15.6in FHD display with 400 nits of brightness. The laptop comes with the Overboost Switch, a nifty little feature that lets you choose between three modes: ECO Mode, BAL Mode, and the Overboost Mode just like a turbo button but for your laptop!

The device features the Ice Storm 2.0 Upgraded Dual-fan Cooling System. Fancy name for 0.25mm thin blades, eh? Oh and Infinix calls these the Thinner Shark Blades! Naming shenanigans aside, this should offer a good thermal experience according to Infinix.

The laptop is equipped with a 70Wh high-capacity battery and when it's time to refuel, the Hyper 100-Watt Type C charger can fully change the device in just approximately 2 hours. The laptop comes in three variants, including the Intel Core i9 (32GB +1TB) starting at ₹81,990; the Core i7 (16GB + 512GB) and Core i7 (32GB +1TB) models are available for ₹64,999 and ₹69,990 respectively; and the Core i5 (16GB + 512GB) is at ₹51,990. We have no idea what Intel generation of processors these laptops are offering so come back here when we update this article with that information. We’ve reached out to Infinix for the correct information. The website also doesn’t provide any clear indication of the RAM type and processor family.