The LED lights on the LG MoodUP refrigerator change according to your mood

What’s the colour of hunger?

The LG MoodUP refrigerator is a fridge, yes we know, but it's also a statement of personalised luxury. Priced for ₹4,49,999, it comes with a MoodUP feature that lets you customise the refrigerator's exterior lighting from 1.7 lakh colour combinations. The LED panels on the doors allow you to change colours based on your mood and even sync them to music. And, with LG ThinQ integration, you can control and monitor your refrigerator from anywhere.

The LG MoodUP Refrigerator also introduces the Instaview function. Just give the designated door a double knock, and the InstaView feature illuminates the interior, allowing you to peek inside without fully opening the door, well that’s keeping your food fresh and saving energy at the same time.

The four-door refrigerator also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker to connect it to external devices for a more immersive experience. The speaker comes with multiple modes, including bounce and flow mode. Plus, smart features like a Smart Colour Alarm system include a Door Open Alert, Welcome Light, Night-time Mood Light, and an advanced temperature management system.