These lightsabers and items inspired by Star Wars Ahsoka will spark joy and ignite the force within you!

No matter you’re a seasoned collector or a young padawan

Want to join Ahsoka Tano on her journey in the live-action series Star Wars: Ahsoka? Well, you can't but you can feel closer to it with the iconic lightsabers, the weapons of choice for both the noble Jedi and the menacing Sith.

Lucasfilm’s display of props from the highly anticipated upcoming show at San Diego Comic-Con is sure to ignite excitement among cosplayers and lightsaber collectors. Of course, the spotlight shines on Ahsoka's iconic lightsaber, but there’s also Sabine Wren hilt, Marrok hilt, Shin Hati hilt, and Baylan Skoll lightsaber hilt.

Hasbro has also unveiled an array of new products from the beloved galaxy far, far away. One of the highlights is the Star Wars Galactic Action Ahsoka Tano Figure ($29.99). This action figure comes with captivating sounds, lights, and a combination of phrases like Surrender or face the consequences, Trust your instincts, and the timeless May the Force be with you.

For those who aspire to be like Ahsoka, there’s the Ahsoka Tano Electronic Mask ($44.99). With a simple push of a button on the side of the mask, you'll be treated to thrilling sound effects that bring the character to life. And behold! There is also the Ahsoka Lightsaber ($49.99), the lightsaber package includes two extendable white blades, along with a total of eight parts to assemble your very own lightsaber.