This is how OMEGA’s new tech will elevate your Olympic Games 2024 viewing experience

Super precise timekeeping like never before!

OMEGA has unveiled new tech for the Olympic Games Paris 2024 to bring a fresh twist to the viewing experience. These advancements promise to give you a clear picture of the action, ensuring you catch every thrilling moment. OMEGA says this tech also removes athletes' need to wear physical sensors, offering a non-intrusive way to capture detailed performance data across different sports.

The brand’s technological arsenal is led by the Scan'O'Vision Ultimate finish camera, which is said to offer the highest resolution among photo-finish cameras. The device can capture up to 40,000 digital images per second at the finish line, creating sharp composite photos of athletes crossing in events like athletics and track cycling. Equipped with dedicated colour sensors to eliminate pixel interference, it will also ensure judges can make swift and precise decisions with exceptionally clear images.

Enhancing this setup is OMEGA's new Computer Vision Technology, designed to track athletes and objects across various events. It utilises AI models tailored for specific sports and delivers real-time data on athlete performance, including distances, speeds, and jump heights. In beach volleyball, high-definition cameras monitor player movements, while diving events utilise 3D vision to recreate dives and track airtime and speed. Tennis benefits from real-time player tracking and gymnastics utilises detailed movement analysis. 

For spectators at home, OMEGA has introduced Vionardo, a graphics technology set to deliver real-time, crystal-clear 4K ultra-high-definition visuals. This system supports multiple languages, catering to global broadcasters. The Paris 2024 Olympic Games, slated to commence on July 26, 2024, will feature these advanced technologies across all 329 events spanning 32 sports.