Tinder adds new features, a refreshed UI, dark mode and new prompts

Time for a swipe into the future!

Tinder's getting a total glow-up! The new version of the app, up for grabs on Android and iOS, is bringing in a bunch of new features basically to vibe with what today's crowd digs.

In the fresh update,Tinder has rolled out a new feature called "Profile Prompts." The feature lets you show off your personality by choosing and answering prompts so you can spark engaging conversations. As per Tinder, (apparently) the three most popular prompts globally are — “The key to my heart is”, “The first item on my bucket list is”, and “Two truths and a lie.”

Tinder's also upping the compatibility game with a new profile quiz feature. Now, matched profiles can dive into a simple quiz to explore their compatibility. Plus, you can spice up your profile with info tags like zodiac signs and love languages so that potential matches get a sneak peek into who you really are. 

Tinder has also added a new Rizz-First UI featuring updated animations. And, there’s an all-new "It's a Match!" screen – (probably) designed to make every Like or Nope on Tinder feel like a special moment. The dating app has also unveiled a dedicated dark mode for all the late-night swipers out there. 

Lastly, now you can report specific profiles by highlighting particular elements that concern you. Reporting someone’s Profile has always been available, but now, you have more options to report the specific things that are off about someone’s profile. So, what are you waiting for? Happy dating, it is!