Titan Eye X 2.0 and Vibes 2.0 are smart audio glasses

Watching your back!

We are no strangers to smart sunglasses equipped with audio capabilities, however, Titan's Eyecare Division is taking the next step into affordable smart audio glasses with the all-new Titan Eye X 2.0 and Fastrack Vibes 2.0 – a duo of smart audio glasses that don’t cost much more than your regular set of frames. It seems fashion is getting more techy.

The star of the show, Titan Eye X 2.0 merges cutting-edge vision and audio tech, essentially making those traditional headsets and earbuds seem like relics of the past. It is equipped with comfy open-ear speakers, touch controls and hidden charging connectors that are pretty neat and unobtrusive.

The blend of Bluetooth 5.3 Dual Mode Classic and BLE ensures connectivity and stereo sound directs music to your ears. With a 3-axis accelerometer, water resistance rated at IP54, and an impressive one-week battery life, this eyewear is definitely something worth checking out.

These glasses come with a nifty mobile app that tracks eye health, monitors fitness, and keeps you in the loop with notifications. Whether you're crushing it in the office, hitting the gym, or just taking it easy. Meanwhile, Fastrack Vibes 2.0 enters the stage with its own set of features – think Bluetooth v5.0, the convenience of Google Assistant, and intuitive touch control. These audio sunglasses bring an open-ear audio experience, serenading you with music while keeping you aware of your surroundings. The battery life extends up to 4 hours.

The Titan Eye X 2.0 is priced at ₹15,000, available in various variants at Titan Eye+ stores and on the Titan Eye+ website. While the Fastrack Vibes 2.0 is priced at ₹3,999, offered in three variants of polaroid lens colors – Black, Blue, and Red.