Truecaller's latest AI call scanner feature is designed to prevent AI-based voice scams

Available for Truecaller Premium Android only, as of now

Truecaller is dialling up the fight against spam and fraud with its latest innovation - what it claims to be the world's first AI call scanner. The feature is tuned to pick up the difference between human voices and AI-synthesised voices, aiming to cut down on unwanted calls. However, it's exclusively available to Truecaller Premium Android users as of now.

According to Truecaller, if you receive a suspicious call, all you have to do is tap a dedicated button within the Truecaller interface. The caller's voice will be recorded, and Truecaller's AI model will process the voice sample, distinguishing between human speech and AI-generated voices.

While the AI Call Scanner is debuting on Android, Truecaller is already looking ahead to expand its reach, with an impending launch on iOS. The official note also stated that Truecaller is actively researching ways to refine the AI model's accuracy, reduce response times, and adapt to emerging trends in voice synthesis technology. Furthermore, Truecaller says it is exploring the possibility of integrating the AI call scanner with other communication platforms and devices to broaden its reach and effectiveness.