Unity’s beta program for visionOS will let developers create games and apps for Apple Vision Pro

Go wild, devs! Craft nothin’ but pure genius!

Apple’s Vision Pro will be hitting the market in early 2024 and the beta program to create games and apps for the device is launched now. Unity, the real-time 3D content powerhouse, has jumped onboard the visionOS bandwagon and announced the beta program. So developers can start creating!

Participants in the beta program for visionOS will get access to Unity PolySpatial. PolySpatial works hand-in-hand with the Unity editor so creators can whip up mind-blowing experiences that run in visionOS. PolySpatial tech also gets all cozy with Apple's RealityKit-managed app rendering that means content created in Unity will totally blend in with the other apps in visionOS. 

As creators, you can not only build experiences from scratch but also take existing ones and bring 'em over to visionOS. You can play and test your creations directly from the Unity Editor to Apple Vision Pro for quick iteration. Unity says the new authoring workflows make it more intuitive to blend content with the physical world

So if you're a developer and totally stoked about this Unity PolySpatial and Apple Vision Pro magic, you can get in on the action. Just head over to www.unity.com/spatial and sign up for the beta program.