X’s new feature now lets paid members hide their blue ticks

The rise and fall of the blue tick!

Did you hear about X's (formerly known as Twitter) latest feature that lets you hide those verified checkmarks? Wondering what it's for? Well, maybe so that you can enjoy all those exclusive features without drawing too much attention to yourself or it could be just Musk’s other whim and fancy.

The ability for X Blue subscribers to hide their checkmark on their account means the blue tick won't show up on their profile and posts, offering a level of anonymity while still enjoying the perks of being an X Blue member. However, it's worth noting that in some cases, the checkmark may still appear, and certain features might not be available while it's hidden.

To activate this option, X Blue members can head to "profile customization" in the settings and choose the "hide the blue checkmark" option. Additionally, X is also allowing users to "hide subscriptions," giving them even more control over their online presence. These updates make being an X Blue member even more enticing, offering both exclusive benefits and the freedom to customise your profile.

After rebranding its subscription service from "Twitter Blue" to the all-new "X Blue," it has brought some perks to its members like now you can access exclusive features like the ability to undo/edit your posts and upload those long videos, all without the pressure of having that blue tick on your profile. So, if you're ready to take your Twitter game to the next level, just pay the same old fee of ₹900 per month for Android phones and iPhones and ₹650 if you’re a web user.