Xiaomi OLED Vision puts the 55in telly in the big leagues

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After wrestling with the budget segment for the longest time, Xiaomi has finally decided to grace India with an OLED telly spanning across 55inches in size and stretching your budget to ₹89,999. Needless to say, the fish has left the pond and dropped into the ocean of sharks.

Xiaomi is throwing around words like IMAX enhanced and Dolby Vision IQ but ultimately the OLED panel has to live up to the hype. We have no idea about the peak brightness of this OLED because Xiaomi hasn’t mentioned it anywhere but the Xiaomi says the brightness can drop to as low as 0 nits to achieve deeper blacks. That is coupled with HDR 10+, HDR 10, HLG and Dolby Vision IQ format support to achieve better colours. 

The Vivid Picture Engine 2 tunes the whole thing as well. There’s a 30W 8-speaker system with 4 active and 4 passive drivers (radiators). It also has PatchWall which puts all the content in one place with a universal search and smart home accessory control. You can also start yelling at the TV to activate Google AI and voice control the thing from your couch. The Xiaomi OLED Vision will be available from the 19th of May but watch out for our full review before that.