Xiaomi’s SU7 electric car is claimed to have a 800km range

Not for sale in India yet!

A few moons ago, we first introduced you to the Xiaomi SU7. Now, Xiaomi marks its decade-long journey with a grand unveiling of this revolutionary car in India. Although the SU7 is not available for purchase here, yet.

Positioned as a full-size eco-technology sedan, the Xiaomi SU7 incorporates an advanced e-motor, CTB integrated battery system, Xiaomi die-casting tech, Xiaomi Pilot Autonomous Driving capabilities, and a smart cabin experience.

Xiaomi showcased the Max variant of SU7, it features a 673PS/838Nm motor while specific battery details weren't disclosed. The electric sedan promises an impressive 800km range on a single charge and Xiaomi claims the vehicle accelerates from 0 to 100kmph in just 2.78 seconds and achieves a top speed of 265kmph. The SU7 can halt from 100kmph in 33.3 metres, as per Xiaomi. Safety is paramount with its steel-aluminium alloy armoured cage and a suite of 16 active safety features.

Inside the Xiaomi SU7, the cabin has an instrument panel and head-up display (HUD) symmetrically aligned around the central axis. It features a 16.1-inch 3K ultra-clear central control screen and a rotating dashboard. Xiaomi tablets can connect to the car, functioning as additional screens to create a dynamic five-screen linkage experience within the vehicle.