Adidas UltraBoost 22 review

Only the number has changed…

₹ 17,999

We reviewed the Adidas UltraBoost 21 when it launched last year, and the UltraBoost 22 is pretty much the same with minor changes. In fact, if you put both these runners side by side, it’s impossible to tell them apart.

That said, the UltraBoost 22 is more sustainable than its predecessor. The upper is made from 50% Parley Ocean Plastic and 50% recycled polyester so you have a minimum carbon footprint…

Design and performance

As we mentioned, there’s little to no difference between the UB21 and UB22. In fact, both are priced the same on Adidas’ website. Although, the immediate but still bare minimum difference that we can point out is the reduced holes on the upper. 

The UB22 has fewer holes on the upper than the UB21, which makes the UB22 a bit warmer in comparison. The holes on the UB21 run from the top to around the sides and well under the float TPU mid cage. Meanwhile, the holes that offer extra breathability to the shoes are only on the front of the UB22. 

The stretchy material of the upper feels the same on both shoes. It has a sock-like fit on the upper whereas the heel area is dominated by the TPU heel counter. Aside from that, the Boost cushioning around the heel is pretty much the same as well. It still looks like you’re wearing three-inch Boost stilettos. 

That wide heel area adds plenty of stability to the UB22, but it also makes them bulky. It’s lightweight but compared to the others in the market, the UB22 can feel heavy. Especially for very serious runners and athletes. The UB22 is also slightly lighter than the UB21 but barely, which is to say, it’s not light enough to notice without a weighing scale.

We noticed some minor changes to the forefoot bending stiffness which makes the shoe more planted than before. The upper is also designed to be different for women with a narrower toe box which gives a tighter grip in the front for women. 

The rest of the things remain the same. Even the Continental rubber outsole is here and it’s the reason why UltraBoost remains one of the more grippy and more planted running shoes than others. The higher price tag also reflects that…


Alas, these are meant to be taken to the gym and for everyday running. Aesthetically, the UB22 are somewhere between sportswear and athleisure wear. It can be taken to the gym and to drop off your kid at school. 

It’s not as track-oriented as the Adidas Adizero Adios Pro 2.0 nor is it as lightweight as the Asics Gel Nimbus 24. It’s somewhere in between the two, with the signature three stripes logo slapped on the sides. They do stand out from the crowd and manage to do so in a sustainable manner.

Stuff Says

The UltraBoost 22 is small on upgrades, but big on sustainability
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Sustainable

  1. Stylish

  1. Grippy and planted for running

  1. More expensive than the competition

  1. Chunky-looking