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Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya air purifier review

A pocket of nature’s air

₹ 65,990

Every brand selling an air purifier wants to ensure the air in your home is not as bad as the air outside during Diwali. Thankfully, we got a couple of air purifiers that can keep your nostrils safe and you can read about them here. Currently, the air purifier under the Stuff monocle is the Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya. A top-of-the-line air purifier that can sit anywhere in your room to scrub the invisible nasties in the air and also scrub your wallet.


The Pure A9 Himalaya is quite a large air purifier and if you’re not prepared, then hiding this from the line of sight can be challenging. Although, even if you don’t, the Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya doesn’t really stand out much. The dark grey fabric exterior blends in with well-furnished spaces. If you’re living area has white, brown and some off-white hues, the Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya will sit nicely in your decor. Unlike the Dyson Hot+Cool which stands out like a sore thumb.

The Pure A9 Himalaya also has wheels on it so you can push it around and relocate it as you desire. The leatherette handles are a nice touch too. One sight of the Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya and you can tell that the wallet took some serious bashing. This looks premium and once you touch it, it will feel premium too.


Like any premium air purifier, this too comes with a boatload of sensors to detect the surrounding air and manage the cleaning automatically. The Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya will automatically adjust the fan speed based on air quality. There’s also a nifty temperature and humidity sensor to give you exact measurements of your room. Although, is it any good at cleaning the gunk from the air? Yes. Honestly, way too good at it.

Now we know that testing an air purifier without any specialised equipment is a bit tricky and much of what the brand says can come across as marketing gobbledygook but we can tell you how it feels to live with the Pure A9 Himalaya. Right after the first day of using the Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya, our sleep quality improved significantly. My old folks who go through bottles of Vicks VapoRub almost addictively nearly gave up using the thing because the room air felt fresher and easier to breathe. The metal vents around the filter also trap pet hair which was fantastic for us.

After two months of using the Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya, there is a genuine difference in your sleep and health quality. The five-stage purification has a mesh filter, antibacterial coating, ultrafine particle filter, active carbon filter and an ionizer. If you take Electrolux’s word for it, the Pure A9 Himalaya has been tested to neutralise up to 99.99% of trapped airborne bacteria, the H1N1 virus and filter particles as small as 3nm. These are all claimed after testing the thing with ISO standards such as ISO18184-2019 and ISO 16880 by Electrolux.

The filter itself is massive. Nearly half of the air purifier is just the massive-sized filter and the app will inform you when it’s time to swap for a new one. We used it every day for two months and the filter only clogged around 1% so expect this one to last longer.

The app too is well-designed and easy to use. You can throw in Google Assistant to control the Wi-Fi-enabled air purifier with just your voice or you can adjust everything manually from the app. Although, keeping it on automatic is the best way. The PureSense feature basically scans the surrounding air and adjusts everything automatically. The app also breaks down all the details of your air quality in real-time. There’s also a Sleep Mode which reduces the fan noise. Honestly, we never heard the fans go loud at any time. Even in regular mode, the Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya is quieter than a hungry owl.

There are two button touch controls on the Pure A9 and a handsome-looking LED ring that informs you of the air quality in the room.


The Electrolux Pure A9 Himalaya air purifier is simply one of the most powerful air purifiers you can plonk in your house. It can clean air in a room up to 656ft and so it makes sense to opt for the Pure A9 only if you have a big enough living room or bedroom. However, it’s priced at a very high premium without any additional features like blowing hot or cold air around the room. Most air purifiers like the Dyson and Philips 3-in-1 are capable of doing more than just cleaning the air and these cost way less than the A9. Not to mention that the Pure A9 also doesn't come with a remote.

If you want your air purifier to do the cleaning work at all times and come with a colossal filter, then the Pure A9 packs the power to do your dirty work but if you live in a smaller apartment where something smaller can do just fine then Electrolux also has the A3, A4, A5 and A7 in the air purifier range that starts from as low as ₹20,990.

Stuff Says

A massive air purifier that can keep your honker at ease at all times
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Capable air purifier

  1. Big and built with good quality

  1. Filter is massive

  1. Fan is noiseless

  1. Informative app

  1. Pricey

  1. No remote

  1. Doesn’t move cold or hot air like competition