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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition

Stealing our past

from ₹ 3,599

Tested on the Nintendo Switch

Iconic, groundbreaking and always reinventing itself, the GTA series has a long history of keeping the base formula the same yet improving it tenfold. So when Rockstar announced the three most iconic games getting a definitive edition, everyone stopped to pull their wallets out. Now that the game is in our hands, is it worth the asking price?


To be very clear, the definitive edition is just a mere spit polish with newer lighting effects and texture upgrades. There are some technical improvements as well but overall the game is not a remake, it’s a mere next-gen upgrade so temper your expectations.


We wish Rockstar remade the games from the ground up. Yes, it is a hassle for the development process, but each of these games has a fantastic story, voice acting and much more. So replaying them as a truly new generation game would be more fun we think. However, the definitive edition is not even close to our ‘what if’ fantasies. There’s just enough amount of Ray Tracing and graphical oomph to whet our appetites till GTA 6 eventually drops.


GTA 3 has got the most noticeable upgrade of the lot. Completely embracing the goofy character models and structures, the game is great but there are tons of bugs that need to be fixed. Vice City and San Andreas are other marvels from the GTA franchise and those too have got updated particle effects and a ton of lighting upgrades. Lights bounce off the metallic cars and surfaces and surfaces have clearer textures and depth from shadows. These upgrades are slightly blurry on the Nintendo Switch which we tested the game on.

As a handheld game, the Definitive Edition makes more sense than an all-out console game. The upgrades and lighting effects don’t really matter if the character models and structures feel cartoony or dated. There’s only so much you can do to upgrade these games from their former self. There are plenty of bugs and glitches throughout the game and Rockstar says the fixes are coming soon. If you simply want to relive the old games then the Nintendo Switch is a good way to pass time with GTA in between transit. We wish it was on the iPad as well. If you haven’t tried any of these great games, the console and PC versions are great too, with a massive scoop of modern lighting effects.

Stuff Says

Not the graphical oomph we hoped for, this needs to sit in the oven for longer
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Great lighting

  1. Better texture improvements on consoles and PC

  1. Switch graphics are meh

  1. Needs bugs fixes

  1. Definitive Edition wasn’t needed