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Logitech MX Keyboard Combo review

Software power

₹ 22,995

The best workstation mouse and its family keyboard get spanking new features through the most interesting Logitech software update to date. 

These are the new and improved Logitech MX products. Things are better and sturdier on the MX keys S and MX Master 3S mouse. Both now use Logitech's Bolt connection for a more reliable wireless connection. You only need a single dongle to connect both these devices to a single PC. You can also connect up to three devices and switch seamlessly between them.

The Logitech MX series has always been absurdly expensive but once you touch it, the value of its premium price tag tickles your fancy through its jaw-dropping build quality. Very few keyboards and mice can actually match up to the level of Logitech's MX series mouse and keyboard. We've been using them for a month and not a squeak or a squeal from either of these devices. It's a low-profile keyboard so if you like your strokes long, this is not it. Even the mouse has very quiet left and right clicks.

Although both these devices have got minor improvements, the meat of the matter is the Logi Options+ software and it works with the MX keys S and MX Master 3S. Basically, the software lets you build elaborate macros through a single press. Think of IFTTT and you're close. You can assign a single press to automate tasks for you. I kept the middle scroll button as a macro to launch Chrome, Creative Cloud and iTunes. However, I couldn't choose software downloaded from the Microsoft Store so WhatsApp was not added to this list. Right now the feature is limited to device buttons but in the future, you can also macro software and system stuff.

Yup. All the buttons on the MX series can be used to assign and trigger macros. The MX Master 3S has one of the most ergonomic designs and now there's a new sensor along with a smoother scroll wheel. You can even assign app-specific functions to each key on the mouse and keyboard. We could easily switch between the Stuff website and InDesign for magazine work. Even copy-pasting between two devices is monkey-easy. The Flow from Options+ lets you copy and paste across Mac and Windows if they're on the same network. It's very useful for a lot of reasons.

The app switch button (bottom thumb) on the MX Master 3S pretty much makes the thing a MacOS wizard. You’ll barely miss the MacOS’ three-finger swipe and gesture control. It all can be done with the mouse itself. 

However, the keyboard doesn’t come with a wrist rest in the combo deal and the height adjustment isn’t good either. Logitech makes more ergonomic keyboards for far less.

Stuff Says

The MX combo is expensive but it's the pinnacle of Logtitech's tech and software.