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Modicare Cuckoo Air Purifier review

Korean simplicity

₹ 18,999

Simple and easy to use. The Modicare Cuckoo isn’t as intimidating as the other air purifiers we’ve tested and neither does it give you anything more than cleaning your air. It’s a fairly straightforward air purifier and we think it’s the best for people who want to plug and forget.


As far as designing air purifiers go, making a standard box-shaped can with ventilation is the most generic way and the Cuckoo Air Purifier is no different. Although, it does have rounder edges to make it more appealing and also safer around children. The LED light on the top indicates how badly your nostrils are tormented. It’s also working in real-time to indicate the air quality of your surroundings. Blue indicates you’re breathing the best air quality meanwhile yellow indicates normal air quality and red is poor air quality. Simple and understandable at a glance.

The top panel also has touch controls that let you control the fan speed or set it to automatic. The in-built air sensor changes the fan speed depending on the quality of air. You can even turn off the LED lights which can be obtrusive at night.


In pin-drop silence, you can hear the fans even on the lowest setting. However, if you have a ceiling fan or an aircon in your room, you’ll barely notice the sound in your room. The Modicare Cuckoo also comes with 3 stages of filtration and UV LED sterilization. There’s a pre-filter for dust, hair and fur, then a HEPA filter for removing 99.9% (As per Korea Productivity Center in National Brand Competitiveness Index) of airborne particles & allergens as small as 0.3 um. It’s for dust, smoke, mold, pollen and microbes. Finally, an active carbon filter which removes unpleasant odours & volatile organic compounds. In everyday use, the Modicare Cuckoo air purifier is more than sufficient for spaces up to 550sq.ft. You wake up without the stuffy nose blocks and if you have a pet then the fur collection is adequate. It’s not as powerful as the more expensive Electrolux Pure A9 or the Dyson but for a fraction of the price, this is quite a capable air purifier. It can do 329.23 m3/hr which is fast and powerful for its size but at lower speeds, it can leave out the fur from its traps. 

Our only gripe is that it doesn’t come with a smart home app or any smarts for that matter. Checking the filter’s health on the app and connecting it to Google Home for wireless control would’ve been great.


That said, it’s capable of scrubbing your air clean and keeping your nostrils wide and happy during the night. We’ve used this for two months and there’s a healthy difference in air quality in the bedroom. The filter is stated to last two years but with Mumbai and Delhi air, you might want to check.

Stuff Says

Great at cleaning the air and not your bank balance.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Quiet and efficient

  1. Manual touch controls

  1. Handle to pick up and relocate

  1. No smartphone app