OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 review

Wear it like a shawl

₹ 1,899

The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 are one of the most affordable pairs of wireless headphones and they also sound extremely good for the price. 

For just about ₹2K, you can get the fit and security of a wireless neckband and the promise of longer battery life than most TWS in the market right now. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 is also designed to work effortlessly with your other OnePlus devices.

Design and functions

The neckband is flexible and doesn’t irritate your skin too. It’s got a soft matte finish all around and the cables from the neckband don’t turn into an impossible knot. It’s almost pocketable but you’re better off putting these in a bag. 

The magnetic buds latch together and create a techy necklace if that’s what you like but more importantly, the magnets can pause music and media when stuck together. It’s the fastest way to put the band into standby mode. Although if you throw these into your bag and the magnets come undone, the media will start playing on the headphones even when you’re not wearing them. It can take some time to get used to and as obvious as this feature is, OnePlus clearly doesn’t expect you to part ways with your precious buds. Leave them hanging from your neck and pledge your loyalty.

You can turn off the buds from the centre button on the left side of the neckband. The volume rocker and the centre media button are all the controls you get. Volume control, play/pause, skip tracks or summon the AI, everything basic can be controlled from these three keys.


You won’t find ANC here but the passive seal is quite commendable. The minute you wear the buds they create a tight seal that blocks out most of the surrounding sounds. The passive seal also accentuates the bass in songs. Bass-heavy songs like Vroom by The FaNaTiX are presented with power and bass-first priority. The bass doesn’t drown out the rap vocals of the artists in the song but it lacks detail. It’s more boomy than tight. 

Even so, that's just us nitpicking. For ₹1,999 the OnePlus Bullets Z2 more than justifies the sound quality. The Bullets Wireless Z2 has a warm sound signature and while listening to Fado by Milky Chance, you won’t find the same textured vocals that are otherwise present on more expensive headphones.

To put things into perspective, we have to understand that these are headphones that cost less than a 5-star meal for two. And to that extent the Bullets deliver. There’s no lag from YouTube videos and Netflix on Android and iOS devices, or even Windows devices. The magnetic play/pause feature might not work with laptops but everything else is great and without any audio lag. 

The Bullets Wireless Z2 also charge really fast. OnePlus says you can get about 20hours of playback from just 10mins of charge and a full charge can give you somewhere around 30hours of music playback. It’s really tempting to have one less thing to worry about from your everyday charging cycles. The Bullets Wireless Z2 can go on for a couple of days before requiring a full charge.


Nothing fancy, nothing too bold. The OnePlus Bullets Wireless Z2 is meant for folks who never want to go a single minute without listening to music and those who don’t want the anxiety of dropping a bud during workouts and commuting. 

The neckband is safely anchored around your neck with no fuss and the buds have got a better passive seal than the Oppo Enco M2.

Stuff Says

No frills no fuss, the Bullets Wireless Z2 have boomy bass and really long battery life
Driver Size: 12.4mm
Frequency Response Range: 20Hz - 20,000KHz
Codec Supports: AAC and SBC
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0
Battery Capacity: 220 mAh
Water/Sweat Resistance: IP55