Redmi 12 5G review

Performance with a spoonful of affordability

from ₹ 11,999

Redmi being the budget phone brand loved by millions brings to you its new budget 5G flagship, the Redmi 12 5G. With the Snapdragon 4 gen 2, up to 8 gigs of RAM and 256GB of storage, the slim performance brick comes out swinging when it comes to giving you solid performance at an affordable price point.


When it comes to the design, the phone has flat edges that look cool and is comfortable to hold. The back is made of Gorilla Glass but despite that, this smartphone does not retain fingerprints a lot. When it comes to aesthetics, the phone certainly has flair. It sports a crystal glass design, giving it a more expensive, glamorous look from the rear. For all you bottom lovers out there the speakers are located at the bottom next to the C-type charging port. 

The volume and power buttons are on the right edge of the phone making it a one-sided affair but that’s alright. The fingerprint scanner is located on the power button on the side of the screen and is very quick and responsive. Pranking your loved ones by changing the channel on the TV has also been made easy with the IR blaster. And last but not least the presence of an audio Aux port is greatly appreciated.


The 6.79-inch FHD+ AMOLED display catches the eye. The 90Hz refresh rate makes scrolling through your home screen and social media pleasurable. The screen is big and watching movies or playing games is immersive. When it comes to videos that are of a higher quality you can see the difference between the 12 5G and other phones of the same price range.


If you are looking for performance the Redmi 12 5G might be for you. Scrolling through apps is very satisfying and renders you distracted like a cat with a ball. While playing visually demanding games like Asphalt 9 or Vector the games ran at a slightly low frame rate. However, it did not take away from the experience of enjoying the game. Playing Asphalt 9 in performance mode did improve the frame rate a bit. The phone tended to heat up a slight bit near the bottom after using it rigorously for about 20 minutes. Games like Rider Worlds or more casual games ran smoothly. When it comes to sound performance, the sound was clear enough, however, the maximum volume wasn't loud enough. Calls were crystal clear and the audio as well as the microphone worked perfectly. 5G connectivity is something you are offered with the phone giving you fast internet connectivity and great call quality. For you frequent travellers the phone allows 5G network connectivity internationally giving you network everywhere as long as the towers are present.


If you are an overworked college student “studying” hard for long periods of time, the 5000mAh battery makes sure your study buddy is powered up for at least a day with constant use. However, if you find yourself trapped on an island, Redmi’s Ultra Battery Saver mode gives you some extra usage time. The battery does drain faster when playing games or running heavy-duty apps and we wish there was a faster charger in the box. The 22.5W fast charger in the box is decent and at this price point, we’re not complaining.


The camera’s were a bit of a downer. The image quality was inconsistent, oscillating between a weird haze and off-balance colours. The colours lacked contrast and vividness. However, the outcome was quite good when shooting pictures that were generally monochrome or black and white. The camera does not judge light consistently and sometimes can distort images with bright white patches. For the Da Vinci’s out there, the portrait camera has segmentation that is less than perfect making the edges slightly wavy and blurry. 

The video performance was pretty standard too and you can only record up to 1080p at 30fps. The front camera was good but demanded a steady hand as the images blur quite easily. The front camera also has filters that will boost your “felt cute might delete later” feed updates.

Redmi Watch 3 Active

When it comes to wearables, smart-active Redmi is not new to the game and they prove that with their new Watch 3 Active. The 1.83-inch mini phone for your wrist (wrists if you wanna wear two) packs a lot in its tiny interior. The watch boasts a classic rectangular shape with rounded edges and a single-button interface. With the word 'active' in the name itself, it does the usual stuff like counting your steps, calories, heart rate, blood oxygen levels etc. Whether you go bobsleighing or on a simple jog, the watch uniquely tracks your vitals with the help of the workout mode selector to provide you with accurate stats.

When it comes to the less “active” features of the watch, there are quite a few. Whether you are going to a Rager or the office, the watch has customizable faces for every occasion however only 5 can be downloaded at once due to the lesser storage space. Text and call notifications are a must and conveniently are present. It has a water resistance rating of up to 5 ATM. The battery life however is something to talk about with 12 days of usage time and 8 days of heavy usage time. You can rely on it to not give up on you when you feel like giving up on your workout. The watch is pretty normal, it delivers everything you would expect from a smartwatch but priced at ₹2,999 it is worth it.


To summarize, the Redmi 12 5G is perfect for those budget-conscious consumers who desire good performance, long battery life and 5G connectivity. Starting at ₹11,999 and the top model being ₹15,499 both options do provide a bang-for-buck experience that Redmi smartphones are known for. 

Despite the slight issues with the camera performance, the elegance of the phone makes up for it. The phone is a good choice for those that want a taste of 5G connectivity,  performance, and a long-lasting battery at a budget-friendly price.

Stuff Says

A good mid-range phone with good aesthetics and robust features.
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Attractive design

  1. Good display

  1. Good battery

  1. 5G connectivity

  1. Does not heat up quickly

  1. Camera is sub-par

  1. Lacks any standout features

Display: 17.2cm(6.79) FHD+ Display 90Hz Adaptive Sync Refresh Rate
Peak Brightness: 550 nits
Processor: Snapdragon 4 Gen 2
Ram: 4 GB/ 6 GB/ 8GB
Storage: 128 GB/ 256 GB UFS 2.2
Camera: 50 MP AI camera, 2 MP depth camera
Front Camera: 8 MP front camera
Battery: 5000 mAh