Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro first impressions

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A completely new look for the Galaxy Buds3 Pro also sets the tone for a new “sound”, and in many ways it is. The all-new look is very premium with a transparent top on the charging case and LED blade lighting on the buds themselves that also double up as an indicator for Find My Device, in case you need to locate them in the dark. The ‘tuned by AKG’ branding has been done away with, making this an out-and-out Samsung design.

Sonically, the two-way driver system uses a planar tweeter along with a dynamic woofer, both powered by their own amplifiers ensuring there is enough drive even for more demanding music. It unlocks hi-res audio via the SSC UHQ codec if you use a compatible Samsung phone or Bluetooth 5.3.

The Galaxy Buds3 Pro has a very different sound signature compared to the AirPods Pro, which sounds heavier in the bass and more warm in their tonality. The Galaxy Buds Pro on the other hand sounds slightly more open but also has a distinct sizzle in the top end that could be perceived as more resolution. On 24 hours by Tom Jones, the Buds3 Pro image well and the instruments have a good amount of space between them in the soundstage, never making the music sound congested.

Vocals are more forward sounding and the balance is more in your face rather than the laid back approach of the Apple AirPods Pro. Much of it will boil down to personal preference and also the device you use. The Galaxy Buds3 Pro sounds better with a Samsung phone and the AirPods Pro with an iPhone, obviously. The ANC is solid with adaptive, transparency and noise cancellation modes available.

The earphones have a more secure fit than the AirPods Pro for sure and will easily sustain an active lifestyle better than the AirPods. The IP57 rating allows them to be dunked in water too without being discarded after. Two sets of ear tips are included in the box, along with a USB-C charging cable and they should be good for at least 5 hours per charge with ANC on. More on that after we spend travel time with them.

The Samsung Galaxy Buds3 Pro will be launched in India in the coming weeks but these are just first impressions based on a few hours of listening before the Galaxy Unpacked event. Check back for an updated review with more specs and observations soon.