Titan Smart

Having a snooze

₹ 8,995

A comfortable fitness band but easily forgettable in the pool of equally capable fitness bands. 

Titan has a legacy for making affordable watches in India that look and feel good. And not to mention the vast pool of brick and mortar stores across the country that gives access to any and everyone who wants a new watch or simply wants to repair their existing watch. That legacy and scale are enough to excite anyone about the next watch from Titan that packs all the necessary tech for fitness and casual wear. Is it any good and does it stand out from the rest of the watches in this segment? Read on.

Design and strap: Lookalikes

Simply by looking at the watch, you will not be able to tell if it’s a Xiaomi, Amazfit, OnePlus or Titan watch. They all look so similar and offer almost the same features. Although, the Silicone band and aluminium case are actually very good for the price. Same as the Xiaomi Mi Revolve and Amazfit GTR 3, if not better. The band is very comfortable but if you’re wearing it the whole day then it might get a bit irritating with the perspiration.

The black variant is way too boring and indistinguishable from the many smart fitness bands in the market. The rose gold and the blue variants look better and have a lifestyle aesthetic to them.

The UI and display: Same same…

If you read our Xiaomi Mi Revolve and Amazfit GTR 3 reviews, there’s little to no difference between the watches and the Titan is on the same track. The Smart can track your runs, walks and everything in between.
The tracking is done very well too. It’s got a decent sensor and it gets the basics right. You might have to choose from the 14 sports modes based on your activity before starting the routine. These 14 modes are too few compared to the 100+ modes on the Mi Revolve Active and Amazfit too.
The brightness is solid with sharp and visible text in indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. We wouldn’t recommend sleeping with it because the brightness can scream at your eyes in the middle of the night. It does track your sleep and also women’s menstruation cycle. 

Battery and customisation: Half and half

We got a solid two-week battery life in a slow month and just about a week while working out every day. It will not leave you next to a plug point for sure but there’s very little fun or functionality to be hard with the Titan Smart. 
Alexa is a good addition but it’s half baked at best. Both, Xiaomi and Amazfit have Alexa too and both do a half-baked job of making your life easier.
The watch faces are also few and boring. From a company that sells watches primarily, we expect better watch faces. You also have the mandatory Titan logo on all watch faces which is a bit needy. It feels like that is the only place Titan managed to display its identity to separate itself from the others in the market.


There’s nothing to write home about with the Titan Smart. It’s got decent features and two-week battery life. Although, we like the quality and, of course, the ease of access to after-sales services due to the brand’s massive presence in India.
For the price though, it’s not too shabby. You can’t go wrong with the Titan but for a few extra bucks, the Xiaomi Mi Revolve Active offers more sports modes to track.

Stuff Says

Titan’s future is packed in a smart band but it doesn’t do justice with its boring features and design
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Great pricing

  1. Decent build

  1. Comfortable band

  1. Two-week battery life

  1. App is nice

  1. Waterproof

  1. Only 14 workout modes to track

  1. Boring design

  1. Watch faces are underwhelming

Water Resistance: 5 ATM
Strap material: Silicone
Size: 44.2 mm
Battery life: 2 weeks