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URBN BANG 500 Review

₹ 5,999

 It’s always a proud moment when an Indian brand expands its horizons and comes up with products that are class leading. The URBN story has been such, especially with their powerbanks. Constantly evolving and innovating and introducing newer technology to the world.


The URBN Bang 500 is the company’s first Made In India Bluetooth Speaker that was introduced in the market. It’s a quintessentially trendy design and looks like a fun little party boombox. That’s when it’s switched off! Switch it on and the active disco lights really get the mood going!


There’s two custom tuned drivers that put out a healthy 40W, which is quite what you would expect from a speaker this size and price. What we didn’t expect though was how well the sound was tuned and balanced. Unlike the other run-of-the-mill Bluetooth speakers, the Bang 500 doesn’t sound jarring.

There’s balance to be found here and the frequencies don’t envelope each other to our surprise. There’s a healthy dose of bass that’s not over done, which we tested while listening to Bad Guy by Billie Eilish and we never felt the need for more definition and attack. 

In fact, the Bang 500 is so good, we think it’s one of the best Bluetooth speakers we’ve tested at this price in a long time! We would absolutely throw our money at it!

Other Features

Why have just one when the Bang 500 can be paired with another! Yup, the Bang 500 supports TWS so it can be paired with another one and work in stereo mode! That means twice the sound, twice the party. There’s also an EQ button atop that shuffles through different modes and accentuates the bass or the treble according to your liking. We found it better to keep it on the mid setting for a balanced sound.


The Bang 500 is quite compact and easy to lug around. It also helps that it is IPX5 rated so it can withstand a bit of abuse as well in the wild outdoors! The battery life is a claimed 7 hours which is pretty impressive and the Bang 500 also has a reverse charging function that allows you to charge your phone via a provided cable! The party never stops with this one, and at this price, it shouldn’t stop either.

Stuff Says

Probably the best BT speaker we’ve heard under ? 6000
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Sounds Balanced

  1. Great Design

  1. Robust Build

  1. Great Price

  1. Nothing at this price

Peak Output: 40W
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Aux-in, MicroSD USB
Rating: IPX5
Battery Life: 7 Hours