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Urbn Bang 800 Review

URBN has been churning up some interesting audio products and the Bang 800 doesn't disappoint

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It's always a daunting task for a company to foray into a new industry, but if the previous URBN Bang 500 is anything to go by, URBN knows what they are doing. This time around, the speaker comes in the form of a cylinder and not a boombox.

Design and Build

It's quite big and not as portable as the smaller 300 and 500 form factors. Although you can lug it about via the nifty little handle that's cleverly integrated at the top. The build quality is top notch here and even the plastic used is of the good, sturdy kind. The familiar Black Edition theme is applied here too and it looks good.

With that being said, it's no way an outdoor speaker. It thrives in your living room and that's where the party is for the Bang 800. You get Bluetooth 5.0, Aux in, USB and the option to switch to FM Radio should you want to go old school. The speaker comes with RGB lights that can be turned off and thanks to TWS you can pair two Bang 800s together and really turn it up a notch.

Sound Quality

We were paired up in seconds and started with Giorgio by Moroder. Being a 4.1 channel thumper with 140W under its belt, the Bang 800 gets pretty loud for its size. It can easily fill up a room. The thumping baseline with electronica doesn't sound tubby and is put forward with verve.

The mid range is also very well judged and brings out oodles of detail. Usually BT speakers at this level tend to lose composure when pushed to 11 but the Bang 800 holds its own and keeps If you place it against a wall you can further enhance the soundstage as it creates a wider perception.

A proper wired mic is included with the Bang 800 which plugs in at the front. It allows you to show off your singing skills and at the same time annoy your neighbors. Jokes apart, it can be a great addition to a family party.


If you and your family and friends like hosting house parties that require a banger, look no further than the URBN 800. It ticks a lot of checkboxes and coughs up more than the asking price in terms of sound quality and features. The 6 hour battery life may seem low, but considering the output, it’s plenty for the size.

Stuff Says

The Bang 800 is loud and proud and hell of a party starter
Good stuff
Bad stuff
  1. Quality

  1. Mid Range

  1. Composure at loud volumes

  1. Feature List

  1. Okay battery life

  1. Not for outdoors

Drivers: 4.1 channel
Max Output: 140W
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5.0, Aux in, USB, FM Radio