Stuff Awards 2023: Innovation of the Year

VR seeing things differently

Best Innovation of the Year 2023: Apple Vision Pro

Tim Cook resurrected ‘One More Thing’ and dropped the Vision Pro at 2023’s WWDC, a Spatial Computer that scans your face, eyes, hands and possibly your soul for the perfect fit. Picture this: You, in aerospace-grade chicness, immersed in a reality only Apple could dream up. Pinch, zoom, and make your eyes the mouse—it’s like being in a sci-fi movie, minus the awkward CGI. From immersive Mindfulness sessions to 3D FaceTime escapades, this gadget elevates tech to a sci-fi sitcom. Encounter Dinosaurs, where butterflies flirt with reality and watch yourself in 3D as you playback a Spatial video recorded on your iPhone 15 Pro! At $3499, it’s not just a device; it’s a flex. The Vision Pro is a gadget that’s not just great—it’s Apple. Get ready to pinch your way to 2030 as you begging to bag the ultimate in bragging rights once it starts shipping.


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