Stuff Awards 2023: Headphones of the Year

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Best Headphones of the Year 2023: Focal Bathys

If you thought that wireless connectivity and active noise cancellation was the domain of only the mainstream electronics brands, think again. Focal proves that traditional hi-fi brands can do top-notch wireless headphones with ANC just as well, if not better. The design might be just a bit too whack for some, and the price might sound a bit over the top for most buyers in the segment, but you do get a certified audiophile experience, along with the obvious benefits of wireless connectivity and active noise cancellation on the go. There's also pretty decent battery life, and you can plug these headphones into a wired setup for traditional lossless listening, just in case you don't want to let go of your long-term audiophile tendencies.


Sonic Lamb ‚óŹ Sony MDR-MV1