Stuff Awards 2023: Hi-Tech Car of the Year

Zooming past everyone

Best Hi-Tech Car of the Year 2023: Mercedes GLC 300

The Mercedes GLC has been the undisputed luxury-SUV sales star, but Mercedes wasn’t resting on its laurels this year. The sweet-spot in their envious SUV line-up received a major tech and design overhaul to catapult it further away from the competition. Imagine LED headlights so sleek they’d make a superhero envious, and a touchscreen so generously sized, it’s like the SUV version of a blockbuster movie. Forget traditional keys—your fingerprint is the golden ticket, to customizing everything from seat height to climate control. The GLC’s transparent bonnet mode transforms mundane terrain checks into a high-tech spectacle, while 64 ambient lighting colours turn your drive into a personal light show. The GLC300’s turbopetrol engine, accompanied by a 48V hybrid touch, glides effortlessly on the road and is one of the smoothest powertrains on the road. Despite a few omissions, this SUV’s tech prowess secures its spot as the “Best Car of 2023”.


Audi Q3 Sportback ● Land Rover Defender ● Hyundai Verna